Processing service

Honor Seiki has accumulated many years of experience in processing solutions for different industries. In order to completely solve the problem of some key components have to be outsourced or imported with unpredictable cost, quality, and delivery, we established a precision machining plant around 4,000 square meters with fully air-conditioning control.

To meet the requirements of high complicated processing, special specifications, and High-Mix Low-Volume (HMLV) Manufacturing of large-scale parts, Honor Seiki targets the market segmentation of semiconductors, aerospace, wind energy, high precision machinery, etc. From inquiries, processing analysis, technical proposal, processing, inspection, and shipment, whole processes are with their own SOP provide comprehensive processing services and excellent quality.

Order process

  • 01. Order discussion

    Order discussion 

    The customer provides an official drawing 

  • 02. Engineering evaluation

    Confirm the specs and drawings

    Customized process

    Technical proposal and quotation

    Tools planning

    Fixtures design

    CNC programming

  • 03. Tools management

    Confirming the tool list

    Tool and inserts management

  • 04. CNC Processing

    Confirming processing detail

    Machining based on technical proposal

    Tool life management

  • 05. Inspection

    Inspection based on SIP

    CMM inspection

    Measuring jig & fixtures

Equipment list

No Machine Type Main function Max. cutting diameter
Max. cutting height
Max. workpiece weight
1 46 High-speed vertical lathe VL-3DA Vertical lathe 460 350 650
2 66 High-speed vertical lathe VL-66AM turning/milling/drilling/grinding 760 750 650
3 1M Vertical turning center VL-100CRM turning/milling/drilling 1,200 800 3,500
4 1.2M Vertical grinding machine VG-120G Grinding 1,600 1,170 5,000
5 1.6M Vertical grinding machine VG-160G turning/grinding 2,000 1,170 8,000
6 1.6M Vertical grinding machine VL-16DGC grinding/drilling 2,000 1,170 8,000
7 1.6M Vertical turning center VL-160CM turning/milling/drilling 2,000 1,170 8,000
8 2.5M Vertical turning center VL-250CM turning/milling/drilling/grinding 2,970 1,480 15,000
9 6M Vertical turning center VL-600CM turning/milling/drilling 7,000 2,600 100,000
No Name Type Main Function Length
Max. workpiece weight
1 800 Surface grinder Surface grinder Surface grinding 800 400 400 -
2 5M Bridge-type CNC milling machining center NF-0533 Milling/Drilling/Boring 5,000 2,050 1,500 20,000
3 5M Gantry type Surface Grinder KGP-1550 Grinding 5,000 1,500 1,500 20,000
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