Friendly Workplace

Honor reviews our human resources management measures and staff welfare policies regularly in pursuit of creating a safe and family-friendly working environment and enabling the employees to achieve work-life balance.

Well-established system and handsome welfare

  • Insurance Care: Labor insurance, Health insurance, Employee group insurance
  • Holiday Care: A leave system better than the regulations stated in Labor Standards Law includes Annual leave, Wedding leave, Pre-Maternity leave, Maternity leave, Paternity leave, Parental leave, and so on.
  • Bonus Care: Year-end bonus, Banquet, Dividends, Raffle in the year-end party, Allowances for employee meals, travels, marriage, and funeral expenses, Bonus and Coupons of the three main holidays, Performance bonus
  • Others: Staff gathering, Company trips, Family day, On-job training, Uniforms, Fully functional employee welfare committee, Designated shops and hotels, and so on.
  • Inviting speakers to participate in our events.
  • Family Day
  • Family Day

Labor-Management Communication Channels

To encourage reporting of illegal conduct and filing of complaints whenever employees’ rights have been compromised, Honor has established a diverse range of communication channels for employees to express their opinions, and demands and ensure that they are known and used to maintain employee rights.

Caring Employees and Staff Development

  • Our staff is the most valuable asset of Honor. The well-being of the employees is always our prime concern. Yearly physical examinations and employee health management are our top priority for employees.
  • To enhance the quality of work and increase work efficiency, Honor takes great importance to employee learning and development and encourages employees to take the initiative to seek extreme learning opportunities and to learn the use the knowledge and skills acquired during work.
  • For New employee orientation. We offer new employee orientation from the day new staff report for duty. Mentors are key to effective new-hire training. Honor uses a mentors’ program to increase employee retention and transition new employees into an organization
  • Consensus Camp
  • Rewards for Intern in Honor